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Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland
SKU: PAT12001

January Fabricard of the Month

Make a Winter Fabricard

Easy Project for Beginners, Fun for intermediate to advanced
Excellent for learning Thread Painting and Embellishment
Instructions for Hand Beading and Beading by Machine.

Fabric Requirements for either Hand or Machine Method:

* Background: 1/4 yd or Fat Quarter
* Appliqué: Pieces no smaller than 4” x 5” for Trees and Mountain.
* Tulle – small pieces in sky blue
* Foundation Fabric (muslin) 8” x 10” (approx. but no smaller).
* Label: 4" x 4" (optional to make)
* Backing: 1/4 yd or Fat Quarter
* Batting: 8" x 10"
* Binding: 1/8 yd or scraps from background or backing
* Cotton piecing thread, Scissors, thread snips
* Pressing Cloth (scrap of muslin works fine)

Machine Appliqué and Thread Painting:

* Assorted matching and contrasting decorative threads such as Rayon, polyester, metallic.
* Quilting thread and needle
* Machine embroidery needles or appropriate to chosen decorative threads (metallica, topstitching)
* Microtex Sharp (or universal) machine needles, size 8.
* Free Motion Foot, Open Toe Foot, Walking Foot (Optional)
* Fusible webbing: at least 8” x 10” for appliqués + 4" x 4" for label
* Tear Away Stabilizer: approx. 8” x 10”
* White, clear, or silver lined beads, sizes 11/0 or 14/0.
* Marking pencil or pen; Sulky KK2000 ® temporary adhesive spray

Hand Appliqué:

* Freezer Paper
* Marking pencil or pen
* Hand Appliqué needle size 12 (you may also bead with this)
* Silk or cotton thread matching appliqué fabrics.
* Floss in several Green colors for trees;
* Matching/Contrasting/Co-coordinating Floss for Mountain; White (or bead) for highlights and snow; colors to match beads.
* White, clear, or silver lined seed beads, size 11/0 or 14/0

Price: $7.00