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About me

Debra Thompson has been sewing since early childhood. She has studied and developed her art skills as
well. Entering shows and competitions in both the fields of art and sewing Debra began winning many
awards. As a young adult Debra began drawing and painting portraits. She developed this into a successful
business again entering competitions and shows to win many awards. (See Artist Biosheet)

The love for creativity in sewing and quilting never diminished.

About 20 years ago, Debra again began developing and incorporating those skills and creativity into her
sewing and quilting, specializing in free motion quilting and the Fine art of Thread painting. The artist
is always developing her techniques through experimentation, new products, as well as using some of the
artist's media and techniques from the "Old Masters" tradition.

Debra Thompson especially enjoys designing and creating artistic quilts incorporating mixed media
whenever possible. She is dedicated to teaching these skills and techniques to others in order to
continue and develop education of both Traditional quilting and Artistic quilting for current and future