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Bali Girl Vest

Bali Girl
SKU: PAT19500

One Size included
Sizes Available: Puppy XXS XS S M L XL
Excellent for Beginners just starting to learn Embellishment
Instructions for Hand Beading and Beading by Machine.

Material and Supply List for Quilted Vest
Pattern Paper or Tissue (or just freezer paper)
Freezer Paper, Paper and Fabric Scissors
Pieced garment: * 5 to 7 fat ¼’s or 1/8’s or scraps; Lining Fabric in coordinating
Solid Colors, Bali types, and/or Batiks *or one theme fabric for garment
Base fabric: Solid cotton or Muslin works fine
Batting: (see chart)
Cotton thread for piecing; Decorative Threads to contrast and match your Fabrics; Polyester Monofilament thread for Beading
Beads, Yarns, and Embellishments, Tweezers
Spray Fabric adhesive
Machine Needles: Universal, Embroidery, Quilting, and Metallica (if using metallic threads) in Size 11 or 12, and Sharps needles in size 8
Pencils and pens (permanent marker), chalk pencil is useful
Light weight pressing sheet, muslin works fine
Extra fabric and/or scraps for practice and testing

** Sizes are charted in estimations. All dogs are shaped very differently. These are guidelines for purchasing pattern and then “custom” fitting.

It is always advisable to wear protective eyewear when sewing, especially when using appliqué, free-motion, and embellishment techniques.

Notes: All fabrics should be 100% Cotton and prewashed. Lining may also be a coordinate to your garment print. Garment fabrics should be solids, balis, hand dyes, marbles, etc…these all work well. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Decorative threads to use are rayon and metallic. Polyester decorative threads also work well. Care should be taken when ironing. Use a pressing Cloth.

Price: $9.00