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SKU: PAT12006

June Fabricard of the Month

Make a Father's Day Fabricard

Easy project for Beginners, Fun for everyone.
Excellent for learning Thread Painting and Embellishment
Instructions for Hand Beading and Beading by Machine.

Fabric Requirements for either Method:

* Backing and Background: 1/4 yd or Fat Quarter each.
* Appliqué: scrap piece no smaller than 4” x 5”
* Label: (Optional) 2" x 4"
* Batting: no smaller than 8" x 10"
* Binding: 1/8 yd or scraps from background or backing
* Cotton piecing thread, Scissors, thread snips
* Pressing Cloth (scrap of cotton/muslin)

Machine Appliqué and Thread Painting:

* Assorted matching and contrasting decorative threads (rayon, polyester, and/or metallic)
* Quilting thread and needle
* Machine Embroidery needles ( and/or appropriate needle(s)for chosen decorative threads (metallica, topstitching)
* Microtex Sharp (or universal) machine needles – size 8 (or larger for larger beads.
* Free Motion Foot, Open Toe Foot, Walking Foot (Optional)
* Fusible webbing (at least 3½” x 5" for appliqué, 2" x 4" for label)
* Fabric marking pencil or pen
* Assorted seed beads size 11/0 or 14/0, small bugle beads
* Temporary basting spray for fabric.

Hand Appliqué and Silk Ribbon:

* Freezer Paper
* Marking pencil or pen
* Hand Appliqué needle size 12 (you may also bead with this)
* Silk or cotton thread matching appliqué fabrics.
* Embroidery Floss: Green for Cattail stems and leaves Matching/Contrasting/Coodinating for fish; Reddish-Brown for cattails; White for water splashes (French knots) and colors
* to match beads.

Price: $7.00